20KW off/on-grid working system wind turbine

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Name: 20kw wind turbine
Model: FD10-20kw,FD12-20kw
Brief: 20kw off-grid working system 20kw on-grid working system
Steady working system, provide on grid inverter input data ce, iso

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Wind turbine is an equipment to convert wind energy into electric power which is charged into storage battery group or interface to utility grid. It can be widely used in rich wind areas.

Now we have 240v-500vdc off grid working system, wind solar hybrid system. It is capable of providing power for lighting, TV, washing machine, refrigerator, small water pump, air conditioner, telecommunication equipment and so on. It can used for the oil field, farm, island, small village, villa…

On grid working system 240v-600vdc: wind turbine output 3 phase AC power, PWM on grid controller convert AC to DC and supply steady DC voltage to grid tie inverter. The power can be use for home appliance, extra power interface to the utility grid.


20kw wind turbine off grid working system including: wind turbine main body( blades rotor, permanent magnet generator, rotor body, braking part, tail rod, tail vane), stand alone tower or lattice tower, charge controller with dump load, battery group, inverter.

20kw wind turbine on grid working system including: wind turbine main body (blades rotor, permanent magnet generator, rotor body, tail rod, tail vane), stand alone tower or lattice tower, PWM on grid controller with dump load, grid tie inverter.

20kw wind turbine normal spec

HAWT FD10-20KW@180rpm
CUT IN SPEED 3m/s(6.7mph)
Working wind speed 4-30m/s
VOLTAGE OUTPUT 240-500vdc,240v-600vdc-110/220/380vac at 50/60hz
GENERATOR Permanent-magnets ;3 phases;AC
BLADES Polyester resin reinforced with fiber glass
CONTROLLER On-grid, off-grid
INVERTER Single/three phase pure sine wave inverter, grid tie inverter
TOWER-UP WEIGHT 15-30m; stand alone tower, lattice tower
TYPE Up-wind horizontal rotor
SPEED REGULATION Electromagnetic brake +Yawing
STOP METHOD Electromagnetic brake + manual brake
NOISE 48db from 60m with a wind speed of 8m/s(65yd and 17.8mph)
ANNUAL PRODUCTION(min-max) 20000kwh-60000kwh
CO2 SAVED 17500-52500kgs
ANTICORROSION PROTECTION Sealed design + hot aluminum spray + hot galvanization + UV resistant paint
DESIGN According to EN61400-2

Wind turbine main features

For urich wind place , we recommend FD12-20KW wind turbine . The larger blades rotor diameter has lowerrated wind speed . Also the installation blade angle and make the largest angle . This way wind turbine will workbetter in low wind speed condition
4 . 20kw output power curvelo grid inverter input data ( rotation speed , wind speed , voltage , pdata )
3kw wind turbine

5.wind turbine Composition

The domestic wind turbine is generally composed of wind wheel, generator (including device), direction adjuster (tail wing), tower, speed limit safety mechanism energy storage device, inverter and other components. The generator is composed of nose, rotor, tail and blade. The functions of each part are: the blade is used to receive wind power and convert it into electric energy through the nose; The tail wing makes the blade always face the direction of the incoming wind to obtain the maximum wind energy; The swivel can make the nose rotate flexibly to realize the function of tail wing adjustment direction; The rotor of the head is a permanent magnet, and the stator winding cuts the magnetic line of force to generate electric energy. Because the wind turbine is unstable, its output is 13~25V alternating current, which must be rectified by the charger, and then charged to the storage battery, so that the electric energy generated by the wind turbine can be converted into chemical energy. Then use the inverter power supply with protective circuit to convert the chemical energy in the battery into AC 220V mains power, so as to ensure stable use.

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