3KW off/on-grid working system wind turbine

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Name: 3kw wind turbine
Model: FD4-3kw
Brief: 3kw off/on-grid working system Steady system,Factory sales directly professional technical support ce, iso

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Domestic wind turbine  is a distributed power generation. Domestic wind turbines are mainly used in rural areas, pastoral areas, mountainous areas, developing large, medium and small cities or buildings near commercial areas to meet the power demand of local users. With the continuous introduction of relevant supporting policies by the state, domestic wind turbine, as a kind of distributed power generation, has become a new and promising power generation mode and energy comprehensive utilization mode with its small modular, decentralized, efficient and reliable power generation mode arranged near users.

Wind turbine is an equipment to convert wind energy into electric power which is charged into storage battery group or interface to utility grid. It can be widely used in rich wind areas.

Now we have 48v-240vdc off grid working system, wind solar hybrid system. It is capable of providing power for lighting, TV, washing machine, refrigerator, small water pump, air conditioner, telecommunication equipment and so on.

On grid working system 120v-500vdc: wind turbine output 3 phase AC power, PWM on grid controller convert AC to DC and supply steady DC voltage to grid tie inverter. The power can be use for home appliance, extra power interface to the utility grid.


3kw wind turbine off grid working system including: wind turbine main body( blades rotor, permanent magnet generator, rotor body, tail rod, tail vane), guy wire tower or tilting up tower, charge controller with dump load, battery group, inverter.

3kw wind turbine on grid working system including: wind turbine main body (blades rotor, permanent magnet generator, rotor body, tail rod, tail vane), guy wire tower or tilting up tower, PWM on grid controller with dump load, grid tie inverter.

3kw wind turbine normal spec

HAWT FD4-3KW@350rpm
CUT IN SPEED 3m/s(6.7mph)
Working wind speed 4-30m/s
VOLTAGE OUTPUT 24v-500vdc-110/220/380vac at 50/60hz
TOWER-UP WEIGHT 260kg(793lb)
GENERATOR Permanent-magnets ;3 phases;AC
BLADES Polyester resin reinforced with fiber glass
CONTROLLER On-grid, off-grid, water heating system or hybrid system
INVERTER Single phase pure sine wave inverter, grid tie inverter
TOWER-UP WEIGHT 8m(26ft); guy wire tower ,free stand  tower, tilting up  tower
TYPE Up-wind horizontal rotor
SPEED REGULATION Electromagnetic brake +Yawing
STOP METHOD Electromagnetic brake + manual brake
NOISE 31db from 60m with a wind speed of 8m/s(65yd and 17.8mph)
ANNUAL PRODUCTION(min-max) 3000kwh-9000kwh
CO2 SAVED 2355-7065kgs
ANTICORROSION PROTECTION Sealed design + hot aluminum spray + hot galvanization + UV resistant paint
DESIGN According to EN61400-2

4. for urich wind place , we recommend Fd6-5kw wind turbine . The larger blades rotor diameter has lower ratedwind speed . Also the installation blade angle and make the largest angle . This way wind turbine will workbetter in low wind speed condition

3kw wind turbine

The wind-solar complementary multiple combined series power generation system is to install multiple low-power wind turbines in the same place, charge multiple supporting large-capacity battery packs at the same time, and control the output uniformly by a high-power control inverter. The advantages of this configuration are:
(1) Small wind turbines have mature technology, simple structure, stable quality, safety and reliability, and economic benefits;
(2) Easy to assemble, disassemble, carry and maintain, and easy to operate;
(3) In case of maintenance or fault shutdown, other units will generate power as usual, without affecting the normal use of the system;
(4) Many sets of wind-solar complementary power generation systems naturally become a scenic spot and a green power station without environmental pollution.

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