5KW off/on-grid working system wind turbine

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Name: 5kw wind turbine
Model: FD5.4-5kw,FD6-5kw
Brief: 5kw off/on-grid working system Steady system, Factory sales directly    professional technical support ce, iso

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Wind turbine, also known as wind turbine, or wind turbine for short, is a device that converts the kinetic energy of air flow into mechanical energy, and is one of the necessary elements of a wind power plant. This device is usually connected to the generator. The wind engine drives the wind turbine blades (mostly driven by 3 blades) to rotate through the wind, and then increases the rotating speed through the booster engine to promote the generator to generate electricity. The wind turbine is composed of a head, a rotating body, a tail wing and a blade. The blade is used to receive the wind and turn it into electric energy through the head. The tail wing makes the blade always face the direction of the incoming wind to obtain the maximum wind energy. The rotating body can make the head rotate flexibly to achieve the function of adjusting the direction of the tail wing. The rotor of the head is a permanent magnet, and the stator winding cuts the magnetic line of force to generate electric energy.
Some researchers believe that compared with solar power generation, hydropower generation, geothermal power generation, coal-fired power generation and gas power generation, wind power generation has the lowest greenhouse gas emissions, the lowest water demand and the most socially beneficial power generation


5kw wind turbine off grid working system including : wind turbine main body ( blades rotor , permanentmagnet generator , rotor body , braking part , tail rod , tail vane ) , stand alone tower or lattice tower , chargecontroller with dump load , battery group , inverter .30kw wind turbine on grid working system including : wind turbine main body ( blades rotor , permanentmagnet generator , rotor body , tail rod , tail vane ) , stand alone tower or lattice tower , PWM on grid controllerwith dump load , grid tie inverter .

5kw wind turbine normal spec

HAWT FD5-5KW@260rpm
ROTOR DIAMETER 5.0m(16.5ft)
CUT IN SPEED 3m/s(6.7mph)
Working wind speed 4-30m/s
VOLTAGE OUTPUT 48v-240vdc,120v-600vdc-110/220/380vac at 50/60hz
TOWER-UP WEIGHT 360kg(793lb)
GENERATOR Permanent-magnets ;3 phases;AC
BLADES Polyester resin reinforced with fiber glass
CONTROLLER On-grid, off-grid, water heating system or hybrid system
INVERTER Single/three phase pure sine wave inverter, grid tie inverter
TOWER-UP WEIGHT 8-15m; guy wire tower ,free stand  tower, tilting up  tower
TYPE Up-wind horizontal rotor
SPEED REGULATION Electromagnetic brake +Yawing
STOP METHOD Electromagnetic brake + manual brake
NOISE 37db from 60m with a wind speed of 8m/s(65yd and 17.8mph)
ANNUAL PRODUCTION(min-max) 5000kwh-15000kwh
CO2 SAVED 4375-13125kgs
ANTICORROSION PROTECTION Sealed design + hot aluminum spray + hot galvanization + UV resistant paint
DESIGN According to EN61400-2

4. for urich wind place , we recommend Fd6-5kw wind turbine . The larger blades rotor diameter has lower ratedwind speed . Also the installation blade angle and make the largest angle . This way wind turbine will workbetter in low wind speed condition

3kw wind turbine

6 . Wind turbine main featuresBlade : Manufacturing according to the airscrew structure principle and techniques . Optimal wide TSRHigh L / D ratio . With protection film on the edge , long work lifeSelect blade type by wind tunnel testing With high efficiency , low noiseBlades rotor : Hub adopts casting molding ; Blades rotor and generator adopt universal connectiondirectly driven Connection is reliable , durable , smooth operation without vibrationGeneratorRotor : Nd-fe-b permanent magnet Prefabricated tangential magnetic circuit rotor ; High magnetic fluxdensity , small cubage , good manufacturing process and high performanceAdopt SKF , NSK bearingClose transmission slip ring , the cable will not enlaceSpeed regulation : yaw . Simple , reliable and safetyAnti-corrosion treatment : All the outside parts are designed to anti-salt , anti-fog , anti-atmospheanti-sandstorm corrosion desianTower : guy wire tower , tilting up tower , standalone tower , hydraulic tower . It can be designedaccording to your request300w , 500w 1kw , 2kw , 2 . 5kw auto braking ; 3kw , 5kw , 10kw , 15kw , 20kw , 25kw , 30kw auto brakingsystem and manual braking systemWind turbine design principle is simple , safety , reliable , maintenance freeProvide low Wind place , rich wind place solution . Wind turbine OEM service

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